Business Intelligence is one of the essential services needed to analyse business activity, Business Process, Business Performance. The service's purpose is to reach targets and goals in an optimized manner. We provide outstanding business intelligence services that provide an end-to-end solution for a wide range of Business Intelligence and Analytics services. It helps to predict the likely expectation opportunity and develop perspectives. Expressive and detailed analytics helps to measure the performance of the present and future and helps to take importance business decisions. With the help of Business Intelligence, the decision-making process improves and presents the accurate understanding of data. BI has brilliant algorithms, tools and technology that leverage the analytical skills of the business. The requirement for Business Intelligence derives with the concept that manages not to lend inaccurate and incomplete information. As a wrong decision can take a toll on your business, Business Intelligence guarantees that data is detailed and well-informed. Being an important web and mobile app development company, we assist you to recognize initial trends, accurate decision-making processes, data-driven strategy and find appreciated insights.



BI Tools:

Power BI

It is a set of software program facilities that help connectors work composed to turn data into appreciated insights. The tool is robust and transforms business structure better.


BI applies Tableau to predict and understand the future. With the help of data and decide rendering to that. It is one of the most used tools in Business Intelligence.


It is a tool that helps achieve analytics, statistics, and data visualizing in charts for better understanding and decision-making work and makes future calculation easier. The collected information in analytics is applied in numerous sectors and business fields.


We Can Serve You below services With Our BI Tools ability:

  • Modernizing Existing Tools and Processes

  • Integrating BI Tools Into Your Existing System

  • Decode The Results Of BI Tools

  • BI Tool Selection

  • Simplified Data Implementation

  • Data Warehousing.

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Mining


Business Intelligence Benefits you can get with QueryFinders

    - Transform business processes and make the data intelligence into ideal space.

    - Provide business performance measurement in real-time.

    - Improvised outlining and summarizing quality.

    - Alliance of prediction and target data across organizations serving to react quicker to market.

Industries We Serve for BI:

    - Manufacturing

    - Retail

    - Healthcare

    - Energy

    - Wholesale

    - Electric Power

    - Oil & Gas

    - Telecoms

    - Logistics

    - Matrimonial and Social Media

    - Market Research

Technology Stack

The Business Intelligence Technologies We Offered

    - Data Visualization

    - Microsoft Power BI

    - Tableau

    - MicroStrategy

    - QlikView

    - Microsoft SQL Reporting Service

    - Custom front-end development

    - Kyubit BI

    - Sisense

    - Oracle BI

    - TIBCO Jaspersoft

OLAP Cubes

    - Microsoft SQL Analysis Services

    - Oracle BI

    - MicroStrategy

    - SIsense


    - Pentaho Data Integration

    - Talend Open Studio

    - SSIS

    - Informatica

    - Azure Data Factory

    - AWS Glue

Data Warehouse

    - Microsoft SQL Server

    - Amazon Redshift

    - Oracle Business Intelligence

    - Apache Cassandra

    - Azure Synapse

    - Snowflake

Data Engineering

    - Data Lake and Lakehouse

    - AWS Lake Formation & DBT

    - Hadoop and Spark

    - AWS Athena & Glue

    - Hive & PySpark

    - Data Bricks & Meltano


Who we are for Business Intelligence?

With our company, you can promote your corporate business by modifying the power of Business Intelligence. We help you to improve your business digitally and offer you methods for the best outcome. The development team of QueryFinders Solutions gathered valuable data or information and extracted it to predict future data analytics for more competently business, performance, and growth. With Business Intelligence, the company's growth develops and identifies market trends and analyzes and optimizes actionable data. At QueryFinders Solutions our experts tackle future challenges and win them like an ace. We pull the data for better opportunities and maximize the insights.